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The work of James and Bryan Kanan is closely linked to their life story. Since childhood, Bryan constantly observed and worked alongside his father in his studio. Traditional goldsmith techniques were  passed down to James from his father and now onto Bryan. Bryan recieved a degree in Marketing and studied Jewelry Metalsmithing at San Diego State. He is also a Certified Gemologist and jewelry CAD modeler. James further received training in sculpture and jewelry at Parsons school of Design.


Innovation and tradition are key elements to creating the designers collections. 

Memories from travels help develop themselves into unique works of art. 


In 2005 James set up his studio. James and his son were set upon using unique materials and utilizing their talents  to create special pieces of jewelry.  One of the trademarks to their style is specializing in meticulous inlaywork. They are inspired by the beauty that only nature can create. Each piece reflecting this beauty. James and Bryan perform the design and hand fabrication process entirely themselves which is why the quality of the work is impeccable.


 "I hope to inspire and create a modern wearable work of art that will be pass down for generations."

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